Our origins are located in the Niewino villages, near  Bielsk Podlaski (Podlasie) in the 15th century. According to local historians and 19th century genealogists, the Książyk are members of the Niwiński family, a branch of the Paprzyca knights who settled in the area of Wyszki in Podlaskie during the 15th century. Paprzyca People were a prominent family from the Kuszaba Clan and the two names were frequently mixed up. Along with other Paprzyca relatives, the Książyk were allowed to use the coat-of-arms of the clan.

From our researches, the first recorded Książyk was Andrzej, Chamberlain of King Alexander Jagello from 1503 to 1505. Other documents specify that in 1569, Stanisław Książyk swore allegiance to the Polish King Sygmunt August II.

Later, Książyk people settled in Wielkopolskie. In 1752, one of them was granted the privileges (przywilej na sołectwo) over the village of Turek. Today, the largest group of Książyk families (about 74 people) is still living in this region, mostly in the Kalisz and Koscian areas. Some members from these families emigrated in Germany and later in France.

Other Książyk families established in Galicia, a region of Western Ukraine that was a province of Poland from 1540 to 1772 and from 1918 to 1939. Catholic Church records mention them in the village of Boryczówka (Parish of Trembowla) in the late 17th century. Most of these Książyk families emigrated to the US and Canada.


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