► Value

With less than 300 people in Poland, our name Książyk ranks among the most uncommon  Polish names. Only 4,2% of Polish last names are ending with the suffixe "yk".  Nowak is the most common last name in Poland with more than 220,000 people. In France, Książyk positions 128 989th.

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► Meaning


Our  name Książyk doesn't relate to a specific meaning. The closest word might be Książe (prince) and literally, our name would mean something like "small Książ".   Usually names ending with "yk" in Polish  mean "son of", which is not the case here.

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► Archaism

In old documents before the 17th c., our name   Książyk can be read with  archaic forms:

  • "Knyazik"
  • "Xyazyk" / "Xyanzyk"
  •   "Xiążyk / "Xsiążyk"
  • "Kfiążyk" / "Xfiążyk"
  • "Kxiążyk"

An expert from the Biblioteka Narodowa in Warsaw has suggested that our name might be  derivated from older forms such as "Xønsze" (1393) or "Xansz" (1359).

► Orthograph

In some official acts of the  19th c., our name spells "Ksionżyk" which is inspired by the French phoneme on [ɔ̃].   Many Polish names can be written with alternative letters             ̶                  ̶     a headache for amateur  genealogists.   

► Confusion

The most usual confusion is made with  the name Książek because in Polish, the letters Y and E soud very close. Family names (nazwisko) with the closest root orthograph are Książszczak and Książyna. The closest names with the same "Książ" root are  Książyczyk and Książyński.

► Mistakes

In the 1930's, the name Książyk was written Kziazyk by a local penpusher of the French administration. The mistake was not corrected and  one of the French branches of the  Książyk  community is still mispelled. In  Canada, after generations of misspelling, alterations have produced the following fantasies:  Ksazyk, Ksionzyk/Ksonzyk and Ksiondzyk.   We also found  a name spelled Gsionzyk.


► Sound

Our name Książyk is not  easy to pronounce for non Polish speakers. Here are some tips to help you articulate better.

  • International phonetic:               [ˈkʲɕɔ̃w̃ʐɨk]

  • En français :                     ksi-on-jêk

          dire le "ê" comme un faux 'i"

  • In English:                 ksee-on-geek

"on" sounds as in song

           "ee" sounds between chic and alec



► Ladies

For Ladies, an old  polite form of our name Książyk would be written and pronounced Książka. The   feminine gender alternates the letter "k" before the letter "a".  For your information, książka also means book. Before the 1900's, other polite forms were also used:

  •  Książykówna for non married girls born Książyk
  • Książykowa for ladies married with a Książyk gentleman.

Source: poradniajezykowa  

► Secret Message

"Ask Zak a ski as yaks say sky is kaki"

► Grammar

Remember Latin? As for any other Polish last name, Książyk comes with declinations. This is a crucial point to keep in mind for your researches. In genealogy studies, you may find our name with  the following plural forms:


  • Książykowie:  equivalent for "Książyk lineage" 
  • Książyków:                  equivalent for "Książyk household"


  • Książykach: means "of the Książyk"         or "about the  Książyk".

► Miscellaneous

  • Balance:

42.86% vowels

57.14% consonants

  • Reversed:


  • Anagrams:

      Kiskayz       Azisykk       Ksaikzy      Sikayzk

      Zkiakys       Kysziak       Aykkisz

  • Misspells:

     Ksionzyk     Ksiajyk       Ksyazik      Ksiazik

     Ksjazyk       Kseazyk    Kisazyk       Ksiazky

     Ksiayzk       Kziazik      Kziazyk           ...

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