In the Summertime, a Quilt Story

This wonderful quilt is a masterpiece named “In the Summertime”. Sophie worked more than 170 hours to complete a work of concentration, patience and sisterly love.   "In the Summertime" was offered by Sophie to her sister Marie-Jeanne. The colour harmony is subtle and delicate. To match the home atmosphere of the recipient, Sophie selected the opposition of vieux rose and vert fatigué. With this combination,  “In the Summertime” is the perfect match for a  Biedermeier inspired interior.

Now in MJ's apartment of Paris, "In the Summertime" is proudly displayed on an antique mid-19th century rack.   This quilt is  a precious family treasure. It will   be transmitted  to future Ksiazyk generations  as    a      memory of the long journey of our family from Poland, to France and from France to the United States.

“In the Summertime” tells childhood memories of holidays. In this interpretative quilt, every pattern is a reminiscence of  precious hours on the beach, in the garden, with family, or reading books. Every block from a total of 20 refers to a summer activity.     

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American designer Pat Sloan proposed "In the Summertime" as part of a quilt along mystery. During 20 weeks from January to June 2018, a new block was introduced every Wednesday. Sophie faced a challenge when she ran out of fabric for block 16. She reports “so for three months, I reached out to all my quilters groups in search of someone who would have some spare for sale”. The piece of material was found in Australia and sent by a lady living in Adelaide. 

The sampler sew along invitation was a success. 84 ladies joined the group to make “In the Summertime”.     Such collective enthusiasm highlights the passing of tradition in the US. During the 19th century in remote Midwest places, women gathered for quilting sessions. Quilting was a social opportunity to meet and  get news.

On her website, Pat Sloan presents  84 interpretations of "In the Summertime".  The discovery of other completed works is part of the joy of quilting. All these 84 quilts are beautiful and each of them is unique. Without any surprise, the quilt made by Sophie (number 22) is our favourite.

Pictures below from  Pat Sloan's blog "I love to make quilts".

In MJ's home, "In the Summertime" quilt is displayed on an antique rack used for large needlepoint works. Found in a charity sale, this mid-19th century rack comes from the Holy Spirit Convent in Amiens. It was used by Carmelite nuns who lived a cloistered life and earned their living with the work of labelling "trousseaux de mariées" (bride's clothes and linen).       

Rack presentations are the best option for precious quilts. This way, quilts can be admired as a picture hanging on a wall. Changing the sides of patterns is always a new delight. Thank you Sophie for such an underserved present. You can be sure that "In the Summertime" will be cherished as the most beautiful gift  ever received.   


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