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Mapping your  Książyk lineage is easier than you think. With much patience and relevant web tools, you can find the   location of your family and explore the evolution of the  environment. The collection presented below ranges from 1696 to 1952. Most of  these maps mention the village of  Grochale and the Hamlet of  Grochale Górne (Mazovia) which were our focus points. All these maps have been digitized with standard quality. You can get  the same but before launching your researches, keep in mind some useful tips:

  • Poland was under the military occupations and administrative rules  of Austria, Prussia, and Russia during the   123 years of the Partition, from 1772 to 1918. Therefore, your town or village may have different names on Austrian, German, Russian maps.

  • The borders of Poland were dramatically transformed in 1945. Today the 16 Voivodeships (provinces) do not reflect the historical borders of Polish regions.

  • Keep in mind that the administrative regions have changed names and delineations several times. During the early 15th century, the 19 Zemia of the Kingdom of Poland were redesigned into Voivodeships. These administrative entities changed names, outlines and superficy many times. 

  • When you focus on a small village,  check carefully the different administrative organisations such as Voivodeships (provinces)   Powiat (county), Gmina (commune/municipality),  and Sołectwo (sector) to get the right map.

  • To get more details, select regional maps according to the main towns or significant localities in the area of your research. Be aware that the importance of towns (population, activities, military,...) has changed with time.

  • Parishes are of critical importance but they do not systematically cover the area of the Gmina. Check the geographical radius of parishes and cemeteries.

  • Last but not least, check the name of your village: in Poland,  you can find similar names in other Voivodeships,  sometimes in the same Powiat and even in the same Gmina,  just 5km away.

Here are two very relevant links to launch your researches:



The maps collection of the Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny is absolutely wonderful but the navigation is quite uneasy. Our researches highlight that many locations of   Książyk lineages are rather well documented, in particular the areas of Serock, Kalisz, Koscian and Gostyń. Take your time and have fun.  Team work is the best option to advance genealogy researches. Information sharing is essential.  Whenever you get something of interest for your lineage, you are welcome to send your findings and share with other members of   the Ksiazyk Community.


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The five  maps above are from  the pre-partition period (1650, 1676,  1696, 1730 and 1771). They highlight  the importance  of old administrative divisions.

Information management is critical for the success of your researches. Always keep records of your findings in a document that specifies maps, dates and links.   

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