Was Maciej the "first official" Książyk?

We found a book that tells more on this story: Family Heraldry of Polish nobility (Rodzina Herbaz szlachty Polskiej) – Seweryn Hrab Uruski, Adam Amilkar Kosiński, Aleksander Włodarski. Tom XII – Warsaw, 1915. In this book, we learn that Maciej (son of Andrzej Niwiński) used the name Książyk.  In 1569, his son Stanisław Książyk took the oath of allegiance to the Polish King Sigmund August II, confirming the “official” name of Książyk for his family. 


NIWIŃSKI h. PAPRZYCA. Family with minor nobility from Podlaskie who took the name from the village Niewino, in the Bielsko area. Andrzej, Maciej, Marcin, Piotr and Wojciech, sons of Andrzej, 1542. Warzryniec, son of Grzegorz, with the son of Jan, inherit Niewino Borowe in 1545. Stanisław, son of Maciej Książyk with other members of the szlachta of Podlaskie  took the oath of allegiance to the Polish Crown in 1569 and is succeeded by his sons Jakub and Maciej in 1586. Sebastyan, son of Maciej, 1586. Warzyniec, son of Mikołaj, inherits Niewino Popławskie in 1586. Stanisław, Maciej, Marek and Michał, sons of Wojciech, inherits Niewino in 1586. Benedikt, heir of Niewino, married to Anna from Tuszowie in 1589. Adam and Nikodem, sons of Maciej, 1593.  Jan Książyk had three sons: Jan, Teofil and Tomasz,1610. Maciej from Niewino Leśne, is vicar at Ciechonów and Kuczyn in 1613”.

Below is an attempt to draw a provisional genealogy tree from the names mentioned. Considering that the information is rather confusing and incomplete, this tree should be worked further. Nevertheless, this text is a Landmark in our researches. We know that Książyk was a name used earlier in the 15th c., as reported in royal chronicles from the time of  King Aleksander Jagello. Many genealogy experts have confirmed that different  last names   could be used and mixed together over 2 or 3 generations. Obviously, this was the case for the names  Niwiński and Książyk. From this text, we can consider that the first official document with the name Ksiazyk might be the  record of the oath of alliegance of 1569. We  also learn that the year 1586 seems to be very important with several transmissions of inheritance in the Książyk family. The next step will be to find the documents recording these events.

One question remains: what is the link between Andrzej Niwiński and Andrzej Książyk ?    Andrzej Książyk held his position of Chamberlain of the King in 1503-05.                                     Andrzej Niwiński (father of Maciej Książyk) died in 1542. There is a logic matching with these dates.  Are Andrzej Niwiński and Andrzej Książyk the same person with two different names?


Marie-Jeanne C. Ksiazyk. (Paris) and Jozef Książyk    (Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki) - June 2015.

Summary of the previous episodes:

♦    Some members of the Paprzyca family from the Kuszaba Clan arrived in Niewino (Podlaskie) during the early 15th c..

♦    These families used  the name of Niwiński to reflect their settlements in several hamlets in the vicinity of Niewino.

♦    After a few generations, a branch of the Niwiński family used the nickname “Książyk” to differentiate from other members.

1569 was a very important year in the History of Poland. The signature of the Union of Lublin (Unia Lubelska) created the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, a single-State that replaced the personal union of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Commonwealth was ruled by a single elected monarch who was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. On this occasion, the nobility of Podlaskie had to confirm allegiance to the King to demonstrate the acceptation of the new governing arrangement..

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