Książyk in  Royal Chronicles


As mentioned in a previous postAndrzej Książyk was present in the Court of King Alexander Jagiellon. According to Adam Boniecki, a Polish historian and genealogist, he was "Łożniczy Króla", a position that can be translated as chamberlain of the King (Herbarz Polski, Vol. XIII - pages 59-60). 

The royal chronicles  Liber Quitantarium Alexandri Regis ab a. 1502 ad 1506 have been collected in 1897 by Teki Adolf Pawinski under the subtitle "Ksiega skarbowa krola Aleksandra Jag." They record the short reign of  Alexander Jagiellon, Grand Duke of Lithuania (1492-1506) and King of Poland (1501-1506)These texts were written in Latin by several authors. Pawinski has kept the original writing. The Digital Library of Wielkopolska proposes the digitized version of this book.

Andrzej  Książyk is listed in the Index Personarum with all the officials serving the King. The reading of the texts  highlights that in the early 15th c., many names had unstable and approximative   orthographs. The royal chronicles mention Andreas   Książyk, Andre Xyanzyk,  Andree Xyazyk, and Andree Knyazyk. Genealogy experts at the Bibiblioteka Narodowa and Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych  in Warsaw have  confirmed that all these mentions are related to Andrzej  Książyk, with alterations from the archaic name  "Xsiążyk/Xiazyk". This page presents the mentions of Andrzej Książyk in the 240 pages of the Royal Chronicles  (Tome I) .

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Marie-Jeanne C. Ksiazyk, July 2016.

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