Brzeg  2019 - VI National Conference of Genealogy 

With a friendly tribute to Jim Henson (1936-1990) and to the Muppets of our childhood. Thank you to Mariusz, Piotr, Kasia and many others for their pictures.

For the sixth year in a row from 19 to 21 September 2019, the National Conference of Polish Genealogy (Ogólnopolska Konferencja Genealogiczna – OKG6) was organized by the Genealogy Society of Opole (Opolscy Genealodzy) in Brzeg. This small town of the Opole Voivodeship in Silesia is crossed by the Oder River. The event is located in the Castle of Brzeg, a jewel of the Silesian Renaissance built by the Piast royal family.  

Attending OKG is an amazing experience. During a weekend, the event gathers professional and amateur genealogists for a series of presentations and practical workshops. This year, OKG confirmed its international dimension with people coming from Australia, France, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and the USA.

Broad interest

All the presentations of OKG are top quality with a broad range of themes such as regional history, family researches, methodology. Iwona Fisher introduced the Conference with a brilliant exposé about the History of Genealogy and a presentation of archaic genealogy trees. Once again, the Genealogy Association of Wielkopolskie (WTG Gniazdo) was particularly present with excellent presentations of Dobrosława Gucia, Joanna Lubierska, and Wojciech Jędraszewski, the President of WTG Gniazdo.

This year, we attended three excellent workshops:

  • Typowe przedmioty i dokumenty jako nietypowe źródła genealogiczne” - Maria Klawe-Mazurowa highlighted the relevance of exploring our family objects and documents. Even the most insignificant  odds and ends can tell a lot about our great-grandparents.**
  • Kuchnia naszych przodków” - Agnieszka Dawicka developed on traditional Polish cuisine. Her presentation raised passionate discussions about family traditions. Many participants jumped on the opportunity to share precious memories of Babcia cuisine.                                               
  • "Wprowadzenie do genealogii” – Dr. Andrzej Marek Nowik presented the main genealogy sources to launch or improve genealogy researches. With contagious passion, he insisted that no research remains unsuccessful. It takes time, but everything will clear one day or another.

Learning from others

Every year, OKG in Brzeg is a unique opportunity to share experiences, tips and hurdles. Genealogy is not a competition and we can learn a lot from others. During two days, amateurs can ask for help regarding the reading of a document, the meaning of a date, or the deciphering of a name with unstable orthograph.    

Some advanced amateur participants are displaying their genealogy work. This is the best possible motivation for beginners. Some genealogy trees are extending horizontally in space with an impressive number of cousins. Other genealogy trees are developed vertically in time, focusing on one single family line.

Spirit of Brzeg

With years, the OKG Community has become a network of friends. The “Spirit of Brzeg” reflects a collective interest and pleasure. The planning reserves plenty of get-together during the two integration evenings, coffee breaks and lunchs outside. In this regards, OKG in Brzeg is also the opportunity to discover the distinctive specialties of the Śląsk cuisine, in particular the excellent Kluski śląskie (Silesian dumplings) and Rolady (roulades).  

Last but not least, every visit of the Brzeg Castel is a great moment of culture and History. The collections are worth staying one more day in the town. Every time, we receive a gift from the unique grace of Silesian wood Madonnas and Child.

Once again, we extend our gratitude to all the members of the Opolscy Genealodzy. Thank you to Jolanta Ilnicka for her organization talent. Everything was perfect in time, in space and in fun. Thank you to Zbigniew Nalichowski for his brilliant host presence. Thank you to Maciej Róg for his smiling efficiency. We also have a special thank you for Sylwia Kośny who so kindly kept the goodies bag of OKG5 (2018) for us.

Our photo gallery is a friendly tribute to Jim Henson (1936-1990), the creator of The Muppets.

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