Living with History


 Rajmund is a brilliant amateur expert

Born with History, Rajmund Niwiński has an impressive knowledge that allows regular participations in TV shows related to History. His father Rajmund 'Paprzyca' Niwiński was a soldier of the Armia Krajowa who joined the famous unit of Major Hubal in September 1939. His grandfather was a distinguished soldier who contributed to the fight for the Independence of Poland in 1918. His great-grandfather Julian Niwiński was an insurgent of the January Uprising (1830) who survived a 17-year deportation in Siberia. Benedykt Niwiński, a member of Rajmund's family line was an officer of Napoleon in the army of the Great Duchy of Warsaw (1807-1814).

The Niwiński and the Książyk are sharing common family roots in Podlaskie (map below) and the two families lines have mindled several times over the past centuries. His brilliant performances as amateur historian in TV shows are making our community very proud, in Poland and abroad. 

 The Poles have a passion for History. On public and private TV channels, History shows record significant audiences. TVP Historia is a  24/7 channel dedicated to movies, filmed theatre, documentaries and talk shows related to History. On this channel, Giganci Historii is a game show that meets success. Each episode has a single theme that focuses on a specific period of time, an event, an idea or a profile. This game show is a quiz with three rounds. In the first round 'kto piewszy, ten lepszy', the first participant to answer the question is the winner. In the second round 'bitwa o punkty' questions of different difficulties are selected. In the third round 'szach-mat' contestants select the number of questions asked to their adversaries. Finally, during the last round 'walka o tron', contestants answer expert questions.

It should be noted that the admission process for candidates is particularly selective. Only the best “amateur historians” are admitted and only 6 will participate in the show. Rajmund successfully passed this selection two times in 2021 and 2023.

 Program Giganci Historii - December 2021 - Episode 55 - 45mn

Theme: 11th-12th c. Crusades Era - Hosted by Maciej Kurzajewski - Experts: Pr. Janusz Odziemkowski and Pr. Bartolomiej Dzwigala.

The Crusade Era is one of the most complex period in History. Rajmund won the first and second round. During the third round, he stumbled on the tricky question about an Arab scholar. Rajmund completed the third round with a score only 20 points below the winner. Rajmund reached the final and faced a question about the last King of Jerusalem. He finished on the third step of the podium.


 Program Giganci Historii - March 2023 - Episode 55 - 45mn

Theme: Insurrection of January 1863 (Powstanie Styczniowe)  - Hosted by Maciej Kurzajewski - Experts: Pr. Janusz Odziemkowski and Pr. Norbert Kasparek.

Rajmund performed another brilliant score to the end of the third round that ened with this impossible question: 'who headed the department of weapons, ammunition and effects council of the Provincial Council of Galicia, responsible for obtaining supplies for the insurgents? Give me the first and last name."

Remark: The year 2023 is the 160 celebration of the January Insurrection of 1863. This glorious episode has a special place in the history of the Niwiński and Książyk Families. From this period, we keep preciously a collection of mourning jewellery and documents.


 Program Jeden z dziesięciu  - 29 September 2020 - Hosted by Tadeusz Sznuk

"Jeden z dziesieciu" (One out of Ten) is a daily TV show. Each comptetition includes 21 episodes, 20 qualifications and one finale with only 3 contestants remaining on the battlefield. The rules of the show are very complex. They include accumulated points, the lack of answers, mistakes, incomplete and wrong answers and strategy with competitors challlenging each others. This show is much more than an intellectual game. The requested skills are knowledge, endurance, versatility, agility and a sense of tactics. The questions cover almost of the fields of knowledge.