Private Ford Museum


Exploring the wonderful collection of Michele and Randy 

Michele Conner (born Ksiazyk) is living in Hayward, a charming little town of Wisconsin. With small shops, welcoming cafés and blossoming street lights, the main street of Hayward is a Norman Rockwell picture of happy America. Hayward has a beautiful lake and plenty of woods for great outdoor experiences.

Michele is the curator of the private Museum set up by her late husband Randy. Over the past decades, Randy has turned his passion for mechanics and motorsports into a unique collection. In his private museum, he has collected vintage Ford cars, motorcycles and model planes. There are also a lot of memorabilia related to car racing as well as many trophies. With her grandson, Michele watches carefully over a precious heritage of mutual love and shared passion. This private museum is not open to public.

This 1934 5-window Ford coupe is the favorite of Michele.

The 1934 Ford pickup announced the post-depression era. 

This model is a V8 with a BB chassis.

Front headlights were slightly modified.

 The Ford Mustang parade. Since 1964, the Mustang has been the longest-produced Ford car.

The firm is currently selling the 7th generation.  Randy has several models in his collection.


The white Mustang (2012) and the green Mustang (2013) are Boss 302 models.

The yellow and red  Mustang are 2015 limited production Richard petty cars.

Only 100 were produced. The yellow one is nb 8/100 and the red one is nb 28/100.  

In 2015, Randy and Michele have welcomed a gathering of vintage Ford enthusiats.

This was a great day for all the family and friends. 

 An old school bus is waiting for renovation. 

This is a 1957 b500 short model with a Blue Bird chassis and a Ford body. 

The distinctive yellow paint is still observable.

Hayward main street then and now.

 Every year in June, the Musky Festival is an opportunity

to organize a show of vintage cars.