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Picturing Poland in chromos

Chromolithographies are small images that were produced en masse from 1830s to early 1960s. They are smaller than postcards, sometimes no larger than a postage stamp. These little images were called chromos in France, trade cards in the UK/USA or Sammelbild in Germany. Diffusing a brand advertisement, they were offered to capture clients interest and loyalty. Some images were parts of larger series or albums on specific themes (history, geography, sciences, architecture,...). Our collection focuses on Poland.

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1.     Folklore


 Légendes de Pologne - Bouillons Liebig - France 1957 

2.    Flags - Maps - Symbols


 L'Europe - Chocolat Pupier - France 1932 

3.    Towns - Monuments


 Gems of Russian Architecture - Will's Cigarettes - Great Britain 1916 

   Collection Européenne - Chocolat Suchard - France 1934

 Collection Monuments - Chocolat Meunier - France 1930 

4.    History


▼ Histoire de la Pologne - Bouillon Liebig - France 1957 

Napoleon and Maria Waleska - Miniature calendar - Italy 1941 

5.   Militaria - War


► Das waffenstarrende Ausland - Llyod Zigaretten - Germany 1935 

 War News - collection GUM inc. - USA 1939-40 

 6.     Famous People - Celebrities


7.    Miscellaneous


Booklet - 1965


Tobacciana - Felt and Silk Flags - c. 1910-1915