Jet Set Wilson


Since his retirement in 2017, Wilson travels the world 

A few years ago, Wilson was welcomed in the house of Emilie Ethen (born Ksiazyk) and her daughter Jena. Since then, he has been a full-time member of the family, living in Abertville, a small town of Minnesota.   


Emilie tells that Wilson is “a homely and sad golf ball who was rescued from the edge of the pond on hole 10 at Cedar Creek golf course on June 15, 2017. Wilson has been formally adopted and is now living in a loving home. He has made many friends and enjoys the spotlight.”


Indeed, Wilson is on his way to become a star. He travels the world with elegance. He enjoys new experiences in old Europe. Wilson has an Instagram account (@adventuresofwilsone) and he records more than one million viewers on TikTok. No other golf ball can claim such global success.

Wilson enjoys sharing new experiences with his humans. Disneyland and Las Vegas are among his favorite spots. After much fun, a nice drink is always welcome.  

Wilson flies the world with Delta, a golf-friendly company. On board, he always enjoys a special cabin service from the crew. Most of the flight attendants are members of his exclusive "Flying Ball" fan club.

  Wilson is so in love with Paris that he grew a French moustache. Frogs and snails are not his favourite dishes but champagne makes everything better. From his rooftop room, he enjoys the view of Paris by night. In Montmartre, Wilson had an exclusive interview with France Golf magazine. A local artist made his portrait with the béret he wears as no other golf ball. 

A few years ago, Wilson made a Grand Tour of Italy. The visited landmarks included the Pisa Tower and a cruise on the Great Canal in Venice. Of course, Roma was on the agenda with a visit of the Colosseum and a coin tossed in the Trevi Fountain.  


Wilson has also visited London, Bruges and Brussels. Greece was a festival of colors and flavors. All these trips were fascinating but way too short. Wilson plans to return, as soon as possible.