Książyk Statistics

Geographical spread between 1700 and 1900

(February 2016) is an excellent tool for research and is definitely the best source you can find. The navigation is quiet easy once you understand the procedure. Births, weddings and deaths before 1900 are accessible. The names, parishes and locations are clearly mentioned. Official acts are scanned and can be downloaded. A blog (Polish speakers only) shares information. Authors of the searches can be contacted.


495 documents related to Książyk People have been sourced between 1700 and 1900, including 131 documents (26%) recorded in “mainland” Poland and 364 documents (74%) recorded in “Kresy” Ukraine. To date, Geneteka has documented 349 births, 60 weddings and 86 deaths. This "census" is indicative because it remains a work in process.


This is a remarkable work of the Polish Genealogical Society (PTG), a non-profit organization.

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