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Grochale Górne is the focus point of our research group. This hamlet is located on the left bank of the Vistula River, 5 km away from Leoncin, just beside this large sand field locally known as "Grochalskie Piachy". Grochale Górne is only mentioned on some regional and local maps. Therefore, we worked from a series of maps covering the areas of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Modlin, Kazun and Zakroczym. The exploration of these documents is still a work in progress but we already have a significant collection. This article presents the most relevant maps (click on pictures to enlarge).

The maps locating Grochale Górne have different degrees of precision. The scale is not a guaranty for accuracy. Sometimes, maps with smaller scales provide details that maps with larger scales do not picture. Even on maps with similar scales, we can find differences in the spatial representation of orientations, distances, proportions and even perspectives.

Grochale Górne - 1850

Grochale Górne - 1873

Grochale Górne - 1908

Grochale Górne - 1915

Grochale Górne - 1922

Grochale Górne -1924

Grochale Górne - 1933

Grochale Górne - 1934

Grochale Górne - 1941 (1934) - 1:150 000

Grochale Górne - 1942 (1934)

Grochale Górne - 1942

Grochale Górne - 1951

Grochale Górne - 1951

Some regional maps picture the hamlet of Grochale Górne with much details about land properties. They indicate buildings upon which taxes were paid, as well as gardens and orchards registered by the tax collector. Therefore, some details are not documented. The property of our Great-great-Grandfather was bordered along the road by several ponds of large dimensions, still visible today. They are not mentioned. These maps report the evolution of the landscape and the development of land cultivation. Unfortunately, our family archives were destroyed during the great flood of the Vistula River in 1947. Next step will be to find documents registering the exact dimensions of his properties, before and after 1876.

Marie-Jeanne C. Ksiazyk - Paris

In 1876, Błażej Książyk (1824-1882) bought another property in Grochale Górne. He had already a domain in the area, some 3 km away. We suspect that with this acquisition, he had several objectives: enlarge his estate, connect existing lands and establish his three sons: Józef (born in 1857), Walenty (born in 1863), and Wojciech (born in 1864).

This map of 1850 confirms that in the first half of the 19th c. there was no houses in this area of Grochale Górne. Woods were covering the place.

This map of 1923 is the only one that pictures with some precision the backwater of the Vistule River that flowed across Grochale Górne before WWII. We knew the existence of this river branch from the memory of a gentleman living near Kazun Polski, 2 km away from our property.

Old maps can indicate localities with uncertain location (Markowszczyzna) and uncertain name (Sendykoroszczyzna / Sedykowizna).

Two Książyk lineages have been established in the areas of Serock and Modlin. This region of Mazovia is a strategic crossroad. Modlin is located at confluence of the Vistula and Narew rivers. Serock is located at the confluence of the Narew and Bug rivers. (click on picture to enlarge)


The National Park of Kampinos proposes this high quality interactive map. Click to enlarge