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Witamy na genealogicznego website rodzin Książyk - Welcome on the genealogy website of the Książyk families - Bienvenue sur le site généalogique des familles Książyk



Countries mapped: FRANCE





73 Książyk were born in France

Source : Geopatronyme

This map presents the people with the name Książyk (Ksiazyk / Kziazyk) who were born in France between 1916 and 1995.

1. Nord (23)

2. Pas-de-Calais (19)

3. Jura / Doubs (10)

4. Saone-et-Loire (11)

5. Seine Maritime (2)

6. Yvelines (2)

7. Pyrennees Orientales (1)

Statistics do not reflect the number of ladies with Książyk ancestry who have "lost" their maiden name.



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Another source wrongly mentions 71 Ksiazyk in the Vaucluse department and in no other place.

Source: nom-de-famille

12 Książyk are living in the USA

Source: ancestry.com



1. Illinois (3)

2. Wisconsin (2)

3. Indiana (1)

4. Arizona (1)

5. California (1)

6. Florida (1)

Evolution of the Książyk population in the USA

between 1900 and 2010

5 Książyk are living in Germany

Source: Geogen